Aug 3, 2010

Cake Disaster

My kids just had birthdays, and I really wanted to make their birthday cake.  And, since they're huge Star Wars fans right now, I figured I'd do a scene from the original Star Wars: A New Hope movie.  The boys like R2D2 and C3PO best, so I chose the scene where they crash land on Tatooine in the escape pod, right at the beginning of the movie.

So, I baked and assembled chocolate sheet cakes, then carved them to look like rolling hills.  Then I slathered frosting over the top, and spread raw sugar (small, brown granules) over that to make it look like sand.  I was almost finished, and was preparing to cover the sides in fondant, when the top layer of cake cracked down the center and started to ooze off.  This has happened to me before, so I already knew that I couldn't fix it even if I'd tried--the more you try to fix it, the worse it gets, and you end up with a big ball of sticky crumbs.  So, here was my kids' birthday cake, at 4:30pm the day before the party, and their cake was a lost cause.

I really wanted to scream obscenities, but my kids were home and they don't need to hear that.  :)  Instead, I grabbed the phone and called my local bakery--which is also a very good and very popular bakery, who normally needs at least several days notice for cake orders.  But I needed a cake NOW.  So, after the polite woman at the bakery answered the phone, the hysterics that I'd been holding in came tumbling out: "I have a birthday cake emergency!  My kids' cake just fell apart, and their party is tomorrow morning.  I know this is extremely short notice, but please tell me you can have a cake ready by then!"

The woman was very helpful, and she placed an order for me, ready to be picked up at 9 the next morning.  It wasn't rolling hills of sand, but they did put brown sugar-type stuff on the top to make it look like sand, and the kids loved it.  I love this bakery.  They are made of awesome!

Unfortunately, the cake committed suicide before I could take any pictures, which I'm really bummed about because it looked pretty darned cool.  But I'm thinking I may try something like this again...maybe not with Star Wars, though.  Maybe a beach theme.  Hmm....


Matthew Rush said...

That was going to be SO awesome. I'm really sorry it fell apart but you should still be commended for trying!

Tabitha said...

Thanks. :) I might try to do a smaller version, just for fun. The kids would get a kick out of it, and I would really like to see it finished. If I do, then I'll post pictures. :)

Nayuleska said...

I'm glad the bakery could save the day.

It sounded so cool! Would love to see it - it can be a baking challenge for you :)