Dec 23, 2008

A Snowflake Cake

I love the holidays. It gives me excuses to do things like bake cakes and give them away.

I made this yesterday as a gift for the staff at my youngest son's school. I've made cakes for them before, but this seemed particularly fitting considering how much snow we've gotten so far. Plus, school was closed due to excessive snow last friday. They got a kick out of it, and I just had fun making it. Everyone's happy. :)

Dec 6, 2008

A Christmas Present Cake

As promised, here's a picture of the cake I made in the shape of a christmas present.

The picture is horrible quality, and I apologize for that...I really wish I could find the cords needed to download off our other (much better) camera.
*sigh* Maybe Santa will hear my wish... :)
UPDATE: I've uploaded a photo of much better quality. Thanks, Santa!!