Oct 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I am not sure how this happened, but I think someone gave my neighborhood the wrong calender. Because, even though today is Halloween, my neighborhood did trick or treating last sunday. Why? I have no idea. So we took the kids out, along with everyone else, and they brought back quite a lot of candy.

But it gets even more interesting. The city of Chicago has no 'official' times for trick or treating, except that it must be on Halloween. So, there is still trick or treating in my neighborhood today, because it's Halloween. As a result, my kids will get to go trick or treating twice, and will have pulled the most amazing haul of candy that's probably ever been known to mankind. It will be all I can do to keep their teeth from rotting out (or to keep myself from sneaking into said candy). But they are beside themselves with excitement because they get to wear their costumes again. :)

So, here are some pictures from last weekend.

Oct 24, 2009

Fall Fest '09 and Happy Diwali!!

Last saturday, my kids' school put on a great Fall Fest, and the weather even cooperated for most of the day. My dad had also come to visit, so all of us trekked on over to the school as soon as there was a break in the clouds.

Like last year, they had a petting zoo and pony rides, and even had a camel ride. My oldest son had ridden the camel last year and loved it, so he was practically first in line for another ride this year. He rode with my dad. Then, my youngest was watching and decided he wanted to ride too, but only if I would go with him. So the two of us went....and then he decided that camel rides were not for him. :)

Fortunately there were lots of other interesting games and such that kept his attention until it was time to go.
Last saturday was also the Indian holiday of Diwali,
or the Festival
of Lights. We went to a friend's house to celebrate with them, and I wore a saree for the first time in forever. I'd almost forgotten how to put it on. :)

We had intended to set off fireworks later that evening, but the kids were so tired that we ended up going straight to bed. Anyone know if fireworks will keep until July?? :)

Oct 20, 2009

Cakes for Fall Fest

Like last year, I baked a bunch of cakes for Fall Fest - a festival put on my kids' school. Instead of doing all the same design, though, I decided to do all different ones.

Since it was for Fall Fest, I did one with a Halloween theme: a pumpkin, witches, ghosts, and bats. I'd also done a chocolate one of the same design, but the top layer split down the middle (again!) so I had to set that one aside.

Next, I did a flower and butterfly design with strawberry cake and strawberry icing. Then, I dusted the flowers and butterfly in gold powder to give it a shimmery look to it.

I did the same gold dusting with this star and moon design, which I made with lemon cake and lemon icing. I had intended to put some blue on this cake, but that didn't look right so I left it this way.

All my cakes sold, so I'm pretty happy about that. I hope the people who bought them enjoy eating them, though!! :)