Aug 24, 2010

How Can You Say 'No' To That???

So, I'm a little worried about Youngest.  This kid is only five and he's already such a charmer, but doesn't even know it.  Half the girls in his class at school are already ga-ga over him, and he's clueless.  By the time he reaches high school, I'm afraid of having a zillion girls calling the house and mooning over him.

Here's an example of what I mean.

The other day, I made an early supper for the kids.  I usually sit at the table with them and we talk about various things, but I had a huge mound of dishes to wash that day.  So, I headed over to the sink and began scrubbing.  Youngest wasn't very happy about that, though. 

Youngest: "Mommy, will you sit next to me?"
Me:  "Yes, sweetie.  Just as soon as I'm done with the dishes."

five minutes later

Youngest:  "Mommy, I really love you!  Will you please come sit next to me?"

And what did I do?  I dropped whatever dish was in my hands, dried off, and sat down next to him.  I mean, how can you say no to that???  I certainly can't.  And I fear for the teenage girls who fall victim to these charms...


BK said...

WTH! why did I get yelled at for saying the same thing!

Tabitha said...

LOL!! Maybe I am just a sucker. :)