Feb 15, 2011

Penny-Pinching Tooth Fairy

Oldest has been losing teeth like crazy for the past year. He didn't lose any for the longest time, and was upset that he was the only kid in class with all his baby teeth. Then they started falling out all at once and he happily showed everyone his jack-o-lantern smile, especially the photographer taking school photos. :)

Last week, he lost another tooth. We put it a pouch under his pillow, and the tooth fairy came and left him a dollar. When he woke up the next morning, he excitedly opened it up.

Oldest: I hope there's more than one dollar here! (opens the pouch and smile disappears) Aww, there's only one.
Me: The tooth fairy has always left you one dollar. Why did you expect more?
Oldest: The other kids at school all get more.
Me: Huh? What do they get?
Oldest: One kid got 25 dollars the last time he lost a tooth.
Me: (laughing) I don't think he was telling the truth.
Oldest: He did! And another kid gets toys!
Me: How does a toy fit under his pillow?
Oldest: It doesn't. The tooth fairy leaves it in the middle of the room.
Me: Well, our tooth fairy doesn't leave toys, or 25 dollars. Ours leaves a dollar.
Oldest: (grumbling as he walks away) Why do we have to have this tooth fairy?

I hate to see what happens when he wants a raise in his allowance. :)


Jessie Harrell said...

good Lord - why do some parents have to ruin it for the rest of us?

Christine Marciniak said...

We have the same tooth fairy here. One dollar per tooth. You can let oldest know he's not alone. :)
And $25 per tooth? And there's something like 20 baby teeth to lose? That's a very generous tooth fairy!

Matthew Rush said...

Hah! LOL. I remember getting a quarter. Even 50 cents would have been huge. My kid gets 5 bucks, from mom (shhh), but I don't like it.

cleemckenzie said...

My bet is there's a tooth fairy union and they've negotiated a huge pay increase. I wonder what their retirement package looks like these days?

Catherine Stine said...

Inflation, whaddya gonna do?!

Tabitha said...

Jessie - I had that exact same thought. :)

Chris - I will definitely tell Oldest! And $25 a tooth?? I think that kid was greatly exaggerating. :)

Matthew - I got a quarter a tooth as a kid, too, so a dollar seemed like a perfectly reasonable account for inflation. Apparently other parents feel differently. :) And I shall keep the $5 tooth a secret. :)

Lee - LOL!!! And can you imagine all the disappointed children if they go on strike? Talk about a huge negotiating point. We parents don't stand a chance. :)

Catherine - I thought I had taken that into account, but apparently not... :)

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Ha! Our tooth fairy should be arrested for negligence. She hardly ever remembers to leave anything. My kids would be amazed (and a little suspicious) if a dollar showed up. :)

Mary Witzl said...

Some tooth fairies are real idiots, just like some Santa Clauses ought to be fired. Our kids could compete with your kids for stingiest tooth fairy, but if we were millionaires, there would still be a ceiling on tooth fairy donations.

When I was a kid, our tooth fairy left a dime and we were VERY grateful. Uh oh... why do I suddenly feel like I'm in a Monty Python sketch?

Tabitha said...

Susan - too funny! I forgot once, and Oldest was so devastated that I've never forgotten again. And, I had to think quickly and come up with a story that would explain why the tooth fairy never showed up...fortunately, it had stormed the night before and I said that, since fairies are so small, she probably couldn't make it through the storm. But she would definitely come the next night. :)

Mary - I am SO with you on a cap for tooth fairy donations. I mean, come on. It's supposed to be FUN, not a means to spoil your child. The tooth fairy started out giving me dimes for my teeth, and then as I got older I got quarters. And I was perfectly happy about that. If my kids can't appreciate what they get, they I'll simply tell them that the tooth fairy won't bring anything next time. :)

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up my parents told me that the tooth fairy leaves you a present the first time you lose a tooth. Then she leaves money for the rest. I got a My Little Pony when I lost my first tooth. I think I only got $.50 for each tooth after that.

Tabitha said...

I remember My Little Pony! I wanted one sooo badly, but never did get one.

That's pretty smart of your parents. We've stuck with a dollar, though when the kids start losing molars we might up it to two. We'll have to see... :)

Fickle Cattle said...

Hahaha. That was a cute conversation. I've heard that tooth fairies are a fickle bunch.


Nick Thomas said...

Happy Presidents’ Pets Day - the day after Presidents' Day, as I like to call it. See my blog for a good ol' howl.

Solvang Sherrie said...

Okay, we have the same issue! One of the kids in my son's class gets video games and trips to Disneyland when he loses a tooth. I'm sorry, that's just wrong! Plus it makes it hard on the rest of us who used to think getting a dollar was awesome...