Jul 3, 2012

Spirit Challenge Week: Board Breaking

Last week, I posted pictures from a couple of the Spirit Challenge events at my dojo, Thousand Waves. Today, I've got a video to share from the board-breaking event. This was my first time breaking, and it was quite the experience... Lots of fun, and I broke four boards! :)

My kids shot the video, so that's why the angle is so low (and why some of it is a bit shaky). But I think they did a pretty good job, so here you go.

And here is a video of those who have been breaking for years and are quite good at it. The challenge this year was to blindfold those breaking, arrange the people holding the boards around the room, then remove the blindfold. The person breaking has 30 seconds to basically run around the room and break as many boards as possible. There are some really amazing breaks, and I think fun was had by all. So here's a video if you'd like to watch it. Side note: it's about fifteen minutes long. :) Enjoy!

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