Jul 10, 2012

Spirit Challenge Week: Soul Survivor

Last week, I posted video of the board breaking events during Spirit Challenge week at Thousand Waves. Today, I've got pictures and video of the Soul Survivor event.

In the past, this event has consisted of a bunch of people getting together and doing lots of fitness challenges, like push ups and sit ups and who knows what else, and the last person standing is the 'Soul Survivor.' This year, it was different. We divided up into teams of four. Here's my team.

We went to the beach, and then basically ran something like a fitness obstacle course. I had no idea how much running was going to be involved, and, frankly, I'm glad I didn't know because I would have chickened out. :) I hate running. I mean, I hate running. And the event was pretty much all running.

First, we ran from a big hill all the way to the beach (I have no idea how far that was, but it felt like an eternity--and running on the sand was killer), where we put a PVC pipe on our shoulders and did lunges in the water. Then we ran back to the hill (aka 'home base') and did 25 push ups. Then, we ran back to the beach and held horse stance (kind of a low squat) while the person in the back crawled under everyone else until they became the first person in line.

We had to do that for a good stretch along the sand. Then, we ran back to home base to do 50 sit ups.

Next, we ran up the hill carrying a car tire, passing it off to the next team member at specified places until we were back to where we started.

Then we ran back to home base and did 10 partner-plank-high-fives: two people holding plank position facing each other, then you slap hands low, middle, and high. Both hands for each level, which counts as one...we did ten of those.

After that, we had to tie our legs together and walk for a good stretch along the grass. Then we came back and held a V-sit for one minute (sit on your butt,  then raise your feet to head level while keeping your legs straight--from the side, you look like the letter V).

The last thing we did was a relay race up the hill, gathering bandanas which we had to tie together and pass off to the next team member. When we had them all, we had to run up the hill and back down as a team, then back to home base.

This whole thing was a timed event, and the two fastest teams faced off in a 'Tug of Peace' (Thousand Waves is all about violence prevention, hence the renaming from tug of war). The team who won the Tug of Peace is the Soul Survivor team.

Guess who won? My team!! I thought my running was going to slow everyone down, but apparently not. We took second place in the timed event, but then won the Tug of Peace. So we're the Soul Survivor champions for 2012! Woohoo!

I could barely walk the next day from all that running, but it was so worth it. :)

Here's a video of all the Soul Survivor events, and pretty much everyone who participated, if you'd like to see it. There's a map of our obstacle course, and the Tug of Peace is at the end. Enjoy!


Jeffrey Gore said...

Thanks for the narrative. It was a really fun day, and it's great that you have made a record of it!

Katherine said...

Well-written documentation of the race and how it felt. And it was great being part of Team Forward Pressure with you!

Tabitha Olson said...

Jeff - It sure was fun! I'm glad I wrote it down while it was fairly fresh, because after a while it was all a blur. Even now, I'm not sure if I got everything in the right order. :) But it'll be nice to have in the future regardless.

Katherine - thanks! Our team was awesome! Great job putting all of us together. :)