May 29, 2010

Star Wars and Legos

My kids are turning into Star Wars nutballs.  It started with the new Lego sets, of which I've spent countless hours on the floor putting them together, sorting, and searching for those *!@%$ tiny pieces that always get lost in the bottom of the bucket (or in the carpet fibers). 

Then, they discovered that there were short, animated 'movies' on Lego's website.  Plus video games.  And then, they learned that there were actual, full-length feature films.  Six of them!  Well, they wanted to watch all of them *right now*. 

I haven't let them watch all of them, but we have watched the first one.  They are completely hooked.  So now I listen to them have duels with pretend light sabers (which Youngest calls lifesavers), complete with the sound effects.  Youngest is the king of sound effects.  I think I will need to get the video camera for the next one, because it's hilarious.  :)

Their birthdays are coming up, and all they want is more Star Wars stuff.  More lego sets, action figures, and (of course) their very own light sabers.  They wanted real ones, but when I told them that wasn't possible they sighed and said the toy version will have to do.  :)

Part of me is hoping they don't take this too far and decide they're going to follow the Jedi religion.  But the rest of me is enjoying the excuse to re-live Star Wars, and see it the way I saw it when I was a kid.  :)

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Mary Witzl said...

I could have warned you about Lego, but I see now it's too late! At least you don't have Sylvania over there (tiny plastic animals in zillions of varieties with multiple zillions of accessories, all painful to step on). Count yourself lucky.