Nov 16, 2009

Funny Things Kids Say and Do

Last week, I took my kids on the subway to my husband's office. We had a great evening strolling down Michigan Avenue, then ate dinner and took the train back home. The boys loved it because, of course, trains are cool.

The Chicago buses and trains all have a recorded voice telling the passengers what stop is next, which Youngest thinks is just as cool as the train ride itself. The boys will get out their own toy trains and drive them around their room, announcing the next 'stop' in a voice similar to the one used on the subway system. It's really cute.

Yesterday, Youngest took it to a new level. We'd finished eating lunch, and I always make the boys take their plates and cups to the sink. Youngest is always the last one left at the table. Always. And, he's always talking or singing or making some kind of noise, so I didn't pay much attention to all the noises he was making as he was getting out of his chair.

He picked up his plate, held it in front of him and said "Next stop, Kitchen." Then he made train noises as he chugga-chugged his way to the sink.

I nearly died laughing. :)


Nora MacFarlane said...

Love it! My nephew was all about trains when he was little. He loved to watch the Amtrak cross the St. Joseph river. He knew the train schedule by heart!

WordWrangler said...

soooo sweet! I'm trying to teach my kiddos to take their stuff to the kitchen, too. Not sure I'm the best one to be teaching them though. (just pretend you don't see the small salad plate still in my cubby from last week) :)

Tabitha said...

Nora, there is definitely something about boys and trains. They just can't get enough. :)

LOL, Donna! They'll get it. Maybe turning the dishes into a train might help. :)