Mar 24, 2010

More Funny Things Kids Say

We went on vacation to San Francisco last week (got back yesterday). The boys had a fantastic time seeing the cable cars, the Golden Gate bridge, and had a great time exploring the tasty food San Francisco has to offer (photos to come).

Youngest is actually very well spoken for a four-year-old. He's been speaking in full sentences since his second birthday. But there are times when something gets stuck in his head, and even if he repeats back the correct pronunciation, the old one comes back later. This happened a couple times during our trip.

The first day in San Francisco, we walked around Chinatown and the kids saw toy cable cars. They got excited, and Youngest turned to me and said
"Mommy, I like Fransincisco because they have cable cars."
I smiled. "You mean San Francisco?"
He nodded. "Yeah, Fransincisco. Can we go ride the cable car now?"

Later, walked to the end of a cable car line, and the drivers put it on a turntable to spin it around so they can go back in the other direction. The kids thought this was amazing, and Youngest pulled on my arm, pointing.
"Mommy, the cable car is on a turner-tainer!"
"You mean a turn table?"
"Yeah! Look! It's spinning!"

These two names are stuck in his head, and he is still talking about how the cable cars spin on the turner-tainer in Fransincisco. :)


Yunaleska said...

Heehee :) So cute!

Are you writing these all down, somewhere beside the blgo? Definitely feel like moments to keep a record of.

Elana Johnson said...

There is no better place than San Francisco. Or Fransincisco. ;-)

Except maybe San Diego.

Tabitha said...

Yuna - yeah, I write these things down as much as I can, but he's always so funny that there's a lot I miss. I mean, this kid is *always* talking, and it's not so much what he says as how he says it, so it's often hard to capture. My oldest is very quiet, so the same kinds of things are probably going on in his head, but he just doesn't say it.

Elana - my dad grew up in San Diego, so he would agree with you. :)