Nov 16, 2010

Happy Diwali! (a little late)

So, I know this is a little late and all since Diwali was the weekend before last, but...


We went to a friend's house to celebrate this year and I wore a sari. 

Then my dad came to visit and we went outside to set off firecrackers (the quiet variety so our neighbors wouldn't lynch us).

The kids had a lot of fun, even though it was cold outside.  We also filled up the whole street with smoke, and a few people came outside thinking there was a fire somewhere., it was just us.  :)

We ended up going inside earlier than we expected (both because of the cold and the smoke), and we've now got LOTS of firecrackers for the next 4th of July.  :)

Nov 9, 2010

Sneak Attack!

Youngest is in a soccer class.  It's not a league, it's a class for other 5 year olds to learn the techniques of how to play, and then they do some scrimmaging right before the end.  The kids all look forward to this, and really get into it when they score a goal.

The place where Youngest goes to soccer is a big warehouse with inflatable dividers to divy up the 'fields.'  One of the dividers on Youngest's field is next to a small bump-out on the wall (there is equipment on that section of wall, and they boxed it in with drywall to keep the kids from getting into it).  It's in the corner of the field, and there is a tiny hiding spot between it and the divider. 

Well, every day when we get to soccer, Youngest and another kid always go to hide in that spot, and then they try to scare the coaches when it's time for class to start.  The coaches always pretend to be scared, and everyone is laughing and happy. 

The other day, Youngest was in the middle of a scrimmage game, and he kept running back to that hiding spot.  The coaches kept calling him back to the game, and he kept going back to the hiding spot.  So, when it was time for a water break I asked him why he kept going to the corner instead of playing soccer. 

Youngest: "Because it's a secret hiding spot!"
Me: "But why are you hiding instead of playing soccer?"
Youngest: "Because when the ball comes near the secret hiding spot, I can jump out and steal the ball, and then score a goal.  It's a good sneak attack, Mommy!"

I laughed and hugged him, and told him he should just play soccer for now and try the sneak attack another day.  He looked disappointed, but finished the scrimmage game without any more 'hiding.'  :)

Nov 2, 2010

You Can Have Whatever You Want

It was my birthday last month, and when I went downstairs for breakfast, Oldest said something very unexpected.

Oldest: "Mommy, it's your birthday, so you can have whatever you want for breakfast."
Me: "I can, huh?"
Oldest: "Yep. You can even have..." (he got very serious here) "Cake."

I thought this was hilarious, because most kids would be saying this so that they can have cake for breakfast on their own birthdays.  But Oldest doesn't even like cake.  So, either he's being genuinely thoughtful for me, or he's planning to ask for chocolate for breakfast when his birthday rolls around again.  :) 

I guess we'll have to wait and see.