Jun 10, 2009

A Train Cake

Last week, my oldest son's school let out. So, over the weekend, everyone in his class got together for an end-of-year picnic. It ended up being too cold to be outside, and heavy rain clouds threatened overhead, so we had to move the party inside. It was still a lot of fun, with all the siblings and parents. The kids had a BLAST running around like crazy, and all us adults just gave them half the room to go nuts while we retreated to the other side. :)

Anyway, when I told my oldest son about this picnic, the first thing he asked was "Are you going to make a cake?"

Awwww! :)

I wasn't on dessert duty - I was just supposed to be bring the hot dogs. Much easier than spending hours hunched over a cake. But he was looking at me with those puppy dog eyes, so I asked:
"Do you want me to make a cake?"

He nodded vigorously, then said "A train cake!"
How could I resist that? So I said okay, and spent half the day squirting frosting in all the appropriate places. Here's the end result.